Including shoulder press and more.


When doing a dumbbell routine, form is half the battle. If your body isn’t aligned properly, you might make the exercise harder than it needs to be, and you could also injure yourself. To help you avoid unwanted aches and pains, we asked physical therapist David Reavy to demonstrate how to correct three dumbbell moves people always get wrong.

Single leg deadlift

Slightly bend your front knee to make it easier to lower your hands and chest towards the ground. Make sure to keep your back leg straight at all times. Both of these adjustments will help you keep your balance.

Tricep kickback

Hunching your back is a recipe for injury. Instead, keep your back flat and engaged to get the most out of the move. Thinking about pressing your shoulders back and down is another way to avoid hunching.

Shoulder press

Again, you want to keep your shoulders down and away from your ears. Just remember, keeping your shoulders down and your back flat is key to avoiding injury when it comes to exercises like these.