Don't Exercise Alone

It happens: Your workout partner gets a new job with insane hours, moves to a new city, twists an ankle, or gets pregnant. But don't let the loss of your favorite walking buddy get you down—or sabotage your routine. Here are some ways to help you stay motivated.

Use her voice. Have your old partner record a pep talk on your voice mail, suggests Los Angeles--based personal trainer Heather Rider. Listen before you head out, or take your phone along for a midworkout pick-me-up.

Keep in touch. E-mail weekly goals to your long-distance or injured friend, or just call her after Spinning to complain about the seven-minute climb.

Join up. A group-fitness class can provide the motivation and encouragement you crave when left to work out solo, Rider says.

Find someone new. Meet your next workout buddy online at or through our Girls Gotta Move Running Club on, or ask around at your local gym.

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