From squats to deadlifts to front deltoid raises, you'll soon be nailing it.


Whether you’re a strength training newbie or a gym rat wanting to incorporate solid basic strength exercises into your workout routine, we’ve got three moves you can do anywhere. To work your legs, core, and upper body, give squats a chance. Deadlifts are great exercises for training the backside of your body, including your glutes and hamstrings. And to focus on your core, back, and shoulders, try front deltoid raises. Not feeling challenged enough? Add a resistance band or dumbbells to create more tension.

These strength training moves might be basic, but it’s not uncommon for people who do them regularly to have bad form. Not only does that cheat you out of results, but it could also lead to injury. In the video above, David Reavy, performance therapy expert and founder of React Physical Therapy, demonstrates three strength exercises you might be getting wrong and exactly how to fix your form. You’ll soon be nailing deadlifts, deltoid raises, and squats—and seeing the benefits.


To fix: Remember to bend your knees and engage your glutes and hamstrings.

Front Deltoid Raises

To fix: Engage your lats and glutes, keep your shoulders down, and if you’re using a resistance band, pull the band upward in a straight line.


To fix: Keep your heels on the ground, straighten your back, and make sure your shoulders are behind your knees.

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