Get fit like a ballerina.

Updated April 11, 2019

Did you ever dream of being a prima ballerina? Now you can be—with these ballet-inspired exercises designed to tone and tighten your legs.

In the video above, Daphne Lee, a ballerina with the Dance Theater of Harlem, shows us three exercises anyone can do for stronger legs.

To start, try pelvic raises. Lie on your back on your mat with your feet planted. Slowly press through your feet to raise your pelvis up while keeping your arms flat on the mat. Continue to lower and lift your hips.

Next try the hamstring strengthener. Start in a similar position as the pelvic raise, but extend one leg upward. Lower and lift your pelvis while holding that leg straight up. Switch sides and repeat on the other leg.

From the hamstring strengthener, transition into hamstring leg raises. Instead of keeping your elevated leg perpendicular to the ground, lift and lower that leg, all while keeping your hips off the mat. Like all ballerinas, remember to keep your toes pointed!

Try this ballet-inspired workout for yourself. You will be sure to have ballerina legs in no time!

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