It's way more flowy and fun than a dreadmill session or reps in the weight room.


It’s time to take your workout off the cardio machine and onto the dance floor, and Katia Pryce, founder and CEO of fitness studio DanceBody, is here to make it happen. The video above, part of our Follow-Along Fitness series, will show you how to move to the rhythm in a way that works your entire body and hits every muscle group.

Not a dancer? No problem. DanceBody classes are for all experience levels. Pryce says the number one thing to remember while doing this workout is to relax your shoulders. If you feel like you’re carrying tension in your upper body, drop your shoulders and let them sway to the beat.

Pryce also asks that when certain moves require you to reach your arms out to the sides, pretend that electricity is shooting out from your fingertips. That will help you really pull your body from side to side. Before you begin, put your hand on your navel and breathe deep, pulling your belly button toward your spine to engage your midsection.

Now, start dancing!

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