Don’t feel guilty about indulging–these fitness stars certainly don’t.


When it comes to healthy lifestyles, celebrity trainers take the cake, so to speak. Their social media accounts are full of pictures of kale and avocado smoothies, early morning workouts, and aspirational, encouraging quotes. These influencers inspire us to live our best lives–and, we’ll admit, they inspire a bit of envy too. How do they do it?!

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Well, just in case you needed a reminder, fitness stars are people, too. And every once in a while, they treat themselves and splurge on some less nutritious eats just like any of us. In this video, celebrity trainers like Jeanette Jenkins, Nicole Winhoffer, Hilaria Baldwin, and Anna Kaiser dish on their favorite treats.

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If you’re having mixed feelings about indulging, take a page from Lacey Stone. She doesn’t hold back in her praise of the cheeseburger, calling it an “American treasure.” And if Lacey Stone eats burgers in moderation, you can too.