11 Celeb-Approved Workouts for a Toned, Sculpted Butt

Steal these exercises from stars like J.Lo and Khloé Kardashian to lift and tighten your rear.

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Get your booty toned with these three butt-sculpting moves from Nicole Winhoffer!

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Kourtney Kardashian

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The eldest Kardashian sister documented her summer with lots of booty-bearing Instagram photos and had us wondering: Just how does the 38-year-old mom of three keep her buns so perky? The answer includes resistance band leg lifts and kettle bell squats. "I have a handful of exercises I swear by to keep my glutes toned," Kardashian said on her app. "The best part? If you have a few key pieces of gear, you can do all of these moves at home." So grab a kettle bell and get swingin'.

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Jennifer Lopez

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It's no secret that J.Lo has one of the most famous behinds in the business. When she's not slaying the red carpet, hitting the stage, or on a television set, the 48-year-old spends time with her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, who also happens to be Health's contributing fitness editor. To sculpt a Lopez-level backside, try Anderson's five-move circuit that combines leg lifts and kickback variations (with 1.5- to 2.5-pound ankle weights) for the ultimate burn.

Try It: Butt Workout from J.Lo's trainer

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Lea Michele

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The Scream Queens star credits one key exercise for keeping her bottom red-carpet ready: the booty crossover. Michele's trainer, Erin Romney, told Health this exercise slims and tones the butt at the same time. Stand upright while holding onto a sturdy object, walk backward until you're at a 90-degree angle, then raise your right leg. Lower it while crossing it behind your left leg and tapping your toe on the floor for one rep. Romney recommends doing a high number of reps three times a week in order to see results within the first two weeks.

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Kim Kardashian

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Kim K and her iconic booty don't need much of an introduction. When it comes to leg day, the mother of two (soon-to-be three) doesn't mess around. Her go-to moves? Hex deadlift squats with a barbell weight bar, power sled pulls, and leg presses. "I definitely think that you have to do the work. I get up every morning between 5:30 and 6; workout before my kids get up. I've been working out for an hour and a half [each day]," the reality star told People.

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Lindsey Vonn

Start sculpting your booty with this quick one-minute workout from Katie Austin.

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Kate Upton

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The Sports Illustrated model and actress is a fan of multi-tasking: She has a KBOX machine in her home so she can do her favorite leg day exercise while watching her fiancé, Justin Verlander, pitch for the Texas Rangers. This crazy-looking machine replicates a classic deadlift and targets your core, lower back, and glutes. You can simulate this move on your own by using a barbell or dumbbells, and keeping the same pace as the machine.

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Khloe Kardashian


To keep her booty looking fierce in her Good American jeans, Khloe Kardashian hits the gym every morning with trainer Gunnar Peterson. One secret to her bangin' bottom is four sets of weighted back squats. The 33-year-old mom-to-be also takes SoulCycle classes for a dose of cardio in her regimen.

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Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron has to stay in tip-top shape for her butt-kicking action roles. To steal her favorite exercise, get in position for a squat, with your feet wide as possible. Clasp your hands in front of your chest, then lower down and pivot on the ball of your left foot while stepping across the body with your right foot, to end up in a wide stance facing the other direction. Do three sets of this move three times a week.

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Gigi Hadid

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The supermodel, 22, keeps it simple when toning her lower body for upcoming runway shows. Hadid's go-to move is the basic squat with an arm extension. This classic exercise can be done anywhere but requires a high amount of reps in order to create an intense booty burn and killer results.

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