Work Your Thighs and Core in Only 10 Minutes With Carrie Dorr

Get your short-shorts ready.

Tired of banging out crunch after crunch although the six-pack has yet to come through? Or maybe you're endlessly clapping your thighs together on the butterfly machine at the gym while seeing no thigh changes. Instead of constant reps at the gym on peculiar contraptions, why not try an at-home workout that will be sure to give you the results you've been looking for?

Luckily for us, Carrie Dorr, creator of Live Smart and former CEO of Pure Barre, is here to show us her secret to toned abs and thighs in 10 minutes—right from the comfort of your home.

To start, Dorr recommends warming up with a few step-touches. Then, bring your legs to a wide stance and slowly pulse up and down. Pull up with your inner thighs, slowly increasing the speed. To challenge your balance, continue pulsing with your arms behind your head.

Next, move onto the toes of one foot and bend to one side to really tighten your core. Slowly sink a little bit lower with each pulse, bending into your obliques, then repeat on the other side. Return back to center in your wide stance, and hinge back and forth with a flat back before transitioning to a few more pulses targeting your inner thighs.

Then, bring yourself to the mat for some one-leg crunches and leg lifts. Your thighs will be burning while your abs are firing to keep you balanced.

Finally, lie down and raise your legs so your heels face the ceiling. Lift your shoulders off your mat, then open and close your legs out to the sides, switching which leg is in front of the other. Pause while your legs are in a "V" and crunch up. Reach your left arm to your right foot, then your right arm to your left foot, and continue alternating. After a few more lower-ab movements, finish with a nice stretch.

And that is how you tone like a pro from the comfort of your bedroom!

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