You can do it right in your living room.


Many of us save abs for the end of our workout, but by the time we lay down on the mat, we’re often too exhausted to really give it our all. That’s where having a set ab routine can help.

Instead of just lying down and doing crunches until you feel like you can’t possibly do any more, you’ll have a concrete plan to work through with an end goal in sight. To get you started, we asked founder and former CEO of Pure Barre Carrie Dorr to walk us through her 10-minute ab routine from her newly launched Life Smart program.

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Dorr starts off with a few plank variations, which can help with everything from preventing back pain to sculpting your waistline. Then, she moves on to crunch variations, which can work abdominals, obliques, and hips. Up next are leg lifts, and then on to side plank variations. Side planks, as well as the next few exercises, will make you feel the burn in your obliques.

Finally, for the last move, you’ll curl your chin to your chest and do alternating leg extensions. Trust us, your abs will thank you later.

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