6 Dance Cardio Workout Videos That Will Get You Out of Your Exercise Rut

Yep, even if you think you have no rhythm.

Break a sweat to the beat.

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Katie Austin’s Dance Cardio Workout

This 12-minute dance cardio workout will get you to burn calories and build strength in style. In this video, Katie Austin, daughter of famous fitness instructor Denise Austin, fuses traditional exercises like squats or bicep curls with easy-to-follow dance steps.

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Samba Reggae Workout for Beginners

Time: 1 minute

Before Zumba took studios by storm, dancers grooved to samba reggae music, which originated in Bahia, Brazil. In this clip, instructor Quenia Ribeiro of the Ailey Extension dance school demonstrates five quintessential samba reggae moves for beginners, like the snake and the shake. Repeat until you’ve mastered the steps–or you’re dripping sweat.

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8-Minute Samba Dance Workout

Time: 8 minutes

Once you’ve learned the basic samba reggae steps above, challenge yourself to keep up with a longer routine from Ribeiro. The upbeat and freeing sequence is all about having fun.

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Beyoncé-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout

Want to dance like Beyonce? Of course you do. In this video, follow along as hip hop instructor TweetBoogie demos five moves that will get your heart pumping whether you're at home or in the club. Do the routine 4 to 5 times to get your sweat on.

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Salsa Dance Workout for Beginners

Tired of the treadmill and sick of the elliptical? Try salsa dancing instead! It might just be the sexiest workout ever. Full of fancy footwork and moves like body rolls and hip circles, salsa dancing is all about feeling the rhythm—and flaunting what you’ve got while you do so.

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90s-Inspired Hip Hop Cardio Dance Workout

Ready to try something new at the gym? This 90s-inspired hip hop dance workout will get your heart rate up.

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