No more letting the mirror dictate the muscles you sculpt. It's time to give the back of your body some love. 

By Tracy Anderson
August 12, 2016
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For way too long, you've been neglecting a crucial part of your frame: the back side. Makes sense—it's an "out of sight, out of mind" thing. Add in the fact that many people spend all day slouching over a computer, and you get a posterior chain—the muscles, tendons, and ligaments along the back of the body—that lacks strength and mobility. Here's how to shore up everything in the rear (think: traps, back, butt, hamstrings, and calves) to boost your overall health and bring balance to your body.

Do 30 reps of each move on one side, then repeat sequence on the other.


Hip squat thrust

Start with feet in a wide stance, toes turned out and hands on hips. Bend knees, lowering into a squat (A), then press up to standing as you thrust hips to the left (B). Return to squat and repeat move on right side (C).


Side plank curtsy lunge

Kneel, then lean to the right to place right hand on the floor and cross left knee over right thigh (A). Lean into right hand for support as you extend left leg out to the side and raise left hand up and slightly back (B). Return to "A".

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Double attitude arabesque

Start on all fours; bring left knee forward, pointing at 2 o'clock on the floor; slide right leg back as far as possible. Lean forward, lowering chest to the floor (A). Push into hands to lift chest up, coming onto left knee as you raise right leg, sole of right foot facing up and slightly in (B). Reverse motion to return to "A."


Swinging butt buster

Start on all fours; swing left knee in, coming slightly in front of right knee (A). Immediately kick left leg back as you lift it up so that it forms a 90-degree angle (B). Lower leg back to "A."

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Alternating diagonal flexed kick

Start on all fours with feet flexed; lower down to forearms, shifting slightly forward and clasping hands together (A). Extend left leg back and up on a diagonal, keeping left foot flexed (B). Return to "A" and repeat with right leg (C). Continue alternating legs.

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