Updated April 11, 2013

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Sumo Mini-Squat With Side Kick A
Stand in a “sumo” position with feet slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart, toes pointing out, and your weight on your heels. Squat down slightly. Shift weight onto left leg and press back up to standing, bringing right foot off the ground and right knee up toward chest. To help with balance, imagine that your left leg is firmly rooted in the ground like a tree trunk.

Trainer tip: For an extra challenge, deepen the squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor.


Sumo Mini-Squat With Side Kick B
Kick your right heel out to the side as if kicking an opponent in the stomach. Lower your right leg back to the floor and sink into another mini-squat. Shift your weight onto your right leg, and repeat the kick with your left leg. Work up to 10 kicks per leg.