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‘Help! Im feeling wimpy and need a confidence boost.

We think the perfect person to help this angst-ridden reader is Jillian Michaels. Not only does she regularly whip softies into shape on NBCs The Biggest Loser, shes also author of the new book Winning by Losing and a black belt in Akarui-Do (a hybrid of kung fu and Thai boxing). So we asked Jillian—thats her in the photos—to come up with a confidence-inspiring workout. And she has definitely delivered, with moves that will strengthen your muscles and your self-confidence.

  • For best results
  • Keep your focus and intensity high—and increase your confidence—by picturing a worthy opponent
  • To add a cardio element, boost your speed once youre comfortable
  • Do these exercises twice per week

Trainer tip: For an added challenge, hold a 3-pound dumbbell in each hand for moves 1 and 2.

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