This Trailer Perfectly Sums Up Why People Want to Run the Boston Marathon

Prepare to be inspired.

Timed to Marathon Monday, a sneak peek at the first feature-length documentary about Boston's legendary race has been released. Called simply Boston—and set to hit theaters in 2017—the film captures the history and spirit of the country's premiere and oldest marathon.

Directed by Jon Dunham, the filmmaker behind the running-cult classics Spirit of the Marathon and Spirit of the Marathon II, Boston features neat archival footage and interviews with past champions to tell the colorful story of the race from its beginning in 1897 through 2014, one year after the bombing.

"There's no one that can watch the Boston Marathon and not be inspired somehow, by someone," Olympian Shalane Flanagan points out in the trailer. As the 30,000 entrants run their 26.2 today, this 60-second clip from the documentary is a moving reminder of why these athletes push their bodies to the limit to qualify for the exclusive race.

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