You can do this feel-good routine right in your living room.

Updated October 21, 2020

It’s no secret that a stellar workout can deliver good vibes. Whether you crush a PR on your run, or opt for heavier weights in barre class, moving your body and doing something you love is sure to make you feel really good. As personal trainer and The Fit Cycle founder Andia Winslow points out, exercise can reset your brain and mood as much as it can reset your body. In this video, she takes you through a feel-good routine you can do right in your living room, no props needed.

From the start, Winslow (who is also a pro golfer!) proves she’s a coach through and through. First, she helps you establish your best athletic stance by showing you how to find a true hips-width distance in the legs. Next, she offers a refresher on the art of diaphragmatic (AKA belly) breathing, a key component of moving better, faster, and stronger.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, Winslow will guide you through classic poses (think restorative forward folds) and muscle-sculpting moves like deep squats and moving planks. After tackling the tough stuff, you’ll get a break. The home workout ends with child’s pose—or as Winslow describes it, ‘Let’s take a nap’—to help you calm your nerves and reset your intentions. Taking time to be mindful and connect with yourself will allow you to notice how the movement has shifted your mood for the better. Because literally no one has ever said, “That workout made me feel like crap!”