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You'll literally feel *grounded* during your next flow.

Sliding around while trying to Downward Dog in your yoga flow is the freaking worst. Rather than focusing on your breath, feeling the stretch, and connecting with yourself, you end up focusing on keeping your feet from slipping, and your hour of calm is replaced by pure agitation.

While you may like going barefoot in your barre, pilates, kickboxing, dance, or yoga class, you might also want to keep in mind that wearing appropriate footwear, like socks, can protect you from viruses on the floor or mats that can cause unpleasant things like plantar warts. Yikes. For this reason, some gyms also require that you were sticky socks.

We've rounded up the best yoga socks to protect your toes and to keep you grounded (a.k.a. zero slip) so that you stick every single pose during your next class.

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