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Whether you live an active outdoor lifestyle or simply want a timepiece that won’t be ruined by a little water, we’ve rounded up the best watches for waterproof peace of mind.

By Susan Brickell
September 13, 2019
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When investing in a watch—whether it’s for the office, for your workouts, or for outdoor adventures—it’s usually in your best interest to choose one that’s waterproof. After all, accidents happen, and it’s pretty much inevitable that the timepiece will eventually come into contact with water—whether you get caught in an unexpected shower on your run, splash it while kayaking, or accidentally submerge it while washing your hands. But with waterproof options, what was once a death sentence for your wristwatch will now no longer even phase it. 

While waterproof watches have a reputation of being, well, sporty (and not always the most attractive accessories), there are actually plenty of sophisticated options available that won’t sacrifice style for functionality. Many smartwatches, including options from Apple, Garmin, Timex, and Samsung, are now being made with water-resistant abilities—and some even include features to track pool laps, perfect for those who like to swim as part of their daily exercise or are triathlon training and want to be able to track their progress on their device. 

Whether you live an active outdoor lifestyle and are looking for a timepiece that can stand up to sweat, rain, and swimming, or simply want a watch that won’t be so easily ruined by water (read: you don’t have to remove before showering), below are the nine best waterproof watches, according to customer reviews.

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