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Looking to get toned? There's a band for that.

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How the heck does something as unassuming as a resistance band—essentially oversized elastic—make our muscles work so hard?

"Resistance bands can be deceiving," says Health senior fitness editor Rozalynn S. Frazier. "They may not look like much, but they offer a ton of benefits." To name just a few, resistance bands can be used for overall body strengthening as well as mobility enhancement, and they're low-impact and joint-friendly, she adds. "Consider it your all-in-one gym."

Convenient to keep in your home gym for those times when you want to fit in a serious strength workout but can't make it to a workout class, resistance bands allow you to sweat it out at home. Plus, they're affordable, travel-friendly, and extremely versatile. What's not to love?

We’d argue exercise bands are the underrated piece of equipment you should have in your fitness arsenal. Scroll for the eight best resistance bands that will tone your arms, legs, abs, and booty.

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