These teams, studios, and celebs have used the viral hashtag to show off some serious athleticism.

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated March 05, 2021
Credit: BYU Gymnastics/

Search #MannequinChallenge on social media and you'll land on hundreds of videos of folks posing stock-still in the middle of a staged action scene—like the clip of Michelle Obama and the Cleveland Cavaliers frozen mid-conversation at the White House, and the one of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna "on pause" in the delivery room. While we're impressed that anyone can remain still so stoically (the challenge is technically one long isometric hold, right?), we're seriously in awe of those who have nailed the viral craze in poses that require impressive strength and balance. Below, some of the most gravity-defying, core-blasting, and stability-testing mannequin challenges we've come across (so far).

Team USA gymnastics

These athletes all deserve gold medals for not falling (let alone blinking) while holding these bendy poses.

Brass Butterflies pole and aerial studio in Ontario, Canada

Watch as these super-strong ladies take the challenge quite literally to new heights. (There's even a longer version on YouTube.)

Brigham Young University gymnastics team

Warning: Don't try this at home.

Kevin Hart and crew in the weight room

Now THAT'S a gym face, Kevin Hart!

A Physique 57 barre class

Our seats can feel the burn from here.

Trinity Valley Community College cheerleading squad

Three cheers for the members of this spirit squad, who must reaaaaaally trust each other.

Soul Cycle

The one exception to the "ride to the beat" rule.

CrossFit Solace in New York

Nope, we're not impressed. Not at all. Not even a little. Nope.

Britney Spears and her back-up dancers

This is the closest we'll ever come to joining Britney's dance troupe on stage (and we'll take it!).

Victoria's Secret models

The ladies hit pause while toning up for the VS Fashion Show next month.