Streamline your stuff with one of these fashionable and functional sacks that work for so many occasions.

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Credit: Electric Yoga

There’s no need to be a bag lady. Streamline your stuff with one of these fashionable and functional sacks. The best part? They pretty much work for every occasion: the gym, a bestie’s brunch, that last-minute getaway and much, much more.

Take Charge

Heavy pack ruining your back? The cushy, lightweight Electric Yoga Ultra-Lite Yoga Bag ($58; will be a welcomed change. The funky lightning bolt-quilted print will turn heads, too.

Flash Pack

True, the MZ Wallace Otto ($450; is a splurge, but the shining star's versatility—it travels seamlessly from the wellness club to a weekend getaway—makes it worth the hefty price tag.

Photo: MZ Wallace

Cute Carryall

The Lolë Lily Tote Bag ($120; is a major multi-tasker. Equipped with plenty of padded pockets, you can store all your daily must-haves—laptop, yoga mat, sneakers, and more. It even converts into a backpack.

Photo: Lolë

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Room to Grow

Sick of carrying an overstuffed gym bag? You’ll love the MPG Expanding Tote Bag ($44;—it’s more spacious than Mary Poppins’ magical satchel, thanks to a hidden expandable panel.

Photo: MPG

Quick-Change Artist

Not only does the Impact by Jillian Michaels Women’s Yoga Tote Bag ($37; offer a variety of carrying styles—hand-held, shoulder tote, and crossbody—but the small exterior pockets ensure you won’t have to fumble to find your keys or wallet.

Photo: Kmart

Perfect Pack

Everyone needs an LBB (Little Black Bag), and this hobo-style Nike Victory Gym Tote Bag ($100; is totally sleek enough to rock on at post-gym date. Also handy: A bevy of interior compartments for soaked gear, a change of clothes, and essential beauty products.

Photo: Nike

Totes Adorable

Sneaking out of the office for a sweat sesh? Let the C. Wonder Printed Signature Tote ($78; be your alibi. It’s so sophisticated-looking that your boss will think you’re headed to an important meeting. It’s also monogrammable.

Photo: C. Wonder

Cool Camo

Durable and water-resistant, the easy-to-clean L.L.Bean Hunter’s Tote Bag ($35; is armed and ready to fight off the elements. And the zippered top makes sure your favorite workout clothes stay put.

Photo: L.L.Bean