Want tighter glutes? Try these 5 moves from Jeanette Jenkins to help lift and tone your booty!

Updated March 13, 2018

Jeanette Jenkins is our ultimate woman crush. The Hollywood trainer is crazy strong, but her workouts are also totally doable. One scroll through her Instagram page and you’re sure to catch one of her routines tailored for TV commercial breaks (every bit counts!) or a travel workout that requires zero equipment (because nobody is packing ankle weights in their carry on).

In the video above the mega-fit pro shows us her five favorite moves for a sculpted booty.

First on Jenkins’ list is a squat-to-jump-squat combo. Starting from a squat position, explode off the ground to jump as you lift the arms overhead, then gently land in a squat position with fingers tapping the floor. Repeat the combo continuously without taking a break in between squats and jumps. You’ll feel it in your quads, glutes, and calves—stat.

Next on Jenkins’ agenda are reverse lunges and skater’s lunges that target the inner and outer thighs in addition to the glutes muscles. Reverse lunges work one leg at a time while skater’s lunges require the entire body to shift from side to side as you lunge to the left and right. Keep your core engaged to help yourself stay balanced as you move!

Finally, sidekicks and burpees round out the booty-boosting workout so you end your sweat session with an elevated heart rate and muscles that feel extra fatigued. Added bonus: burpees work the entire body, so you’ll strengthen your arms and abs while you sculpt your butt. Score.

Check out the clip above to watch this A-list trainer bang out the moves in less than 60 seconds, and get her strength and cardio training tips.