Here are the quick fixes you need for common barbell mistakes.


Great form is key when working out. Doing an exercise incorrectly or with poor posture can result in injury, not to mention if you’re doing a move wrong, you could end up not seeing any results after hours of sweating it out.

Barbell exercises can be tricky for beginners. It’s important to start incorporating barbell moves correctly, before you develop bad habits. Check out these common barbell mistakes beginners might make and how to correct them.

Single Side Barbell Bus Driver

To Fix: Don’t overextend your back and remember to keep your hips stationary rather than swiveling them around. Don’t swing your arms. Instead rotate your arms and press the weight up.

Landmine Reverse Lunge

To Fix: Don’t arch your back or tilt your pelvis. Your back leg should bend at 90 degrees and your back knee should touch the ground.

Single Arm Landmine Row

To Fix: Don’t shrug your shoulders. Instead, keep them down and away from your ears. Additionally, tuck your tailbone so it’s beneath your spine. Keep your back straight and your chin tucked too.

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