Ready for a truly one-of-a-kind workout experience? Watch this video to learn ballet-inspired workout moves from two American Ballet Theatre dancers. While instruction from professional ballerinas is a cool experience on its own, it’s made especially unique with the addition of 360-degree footage.

How does this work, exactly? If you’re on your computer, you can swivel from left to right to see ABT dancers Jamie Kopit and Katie Boren demonstrate a series of ballet-inspired moves. If you’re on your phone, simply move it to view different angles. And for an especially immersive experience, click on the virtual reality icon on your phone (which is in the shape of a VR headset), and place it inside a VR headset to feel like you’re in our studio dancing with these pro ballerinas.

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Does this sound cool enough yet? Check it out for yourself and learn how to get strong just like a professional ballerina with classic moves like grand plié, side lunge, first position relevé, second position relevé, and leg lifts in attitude. Not sure what any of that means? Follow along as Kopit and Boren guide you through this total-body toning workout you can do anywhere.