May 26, 2017

Anyone who struggles with back pain knows how distressing it can be. Whether it’s soreness that impedes your sleep or aches that hurt your productivity while you sit at your desk at work, back pain is hard to ignore no matter what position you’re in.

The good news? Yoga can be a surprisingly helpful remedy. In this video, yoga expert and Retox author Lauren Imparato takes you through a 20-minute yoga flow designed to soothe and prevent back pain. Yes, please!

“How you sit, how you sleep, something you ate, how you moved,” can all contribute to upper or lower back issues, Imparato explains. And while treatment options do exist—such as massage and acupuncture—studies have shown that yoga may actually be more effective than these and other alternatives. Research from the Annals of Internal Medicine found that people with chronic lower back pain saw more improvement of their symptoms after a 12-week yoga class compared to those who only received medicine or physical therapy to treat their pain.

Want to experience the same relief? In this video, Imparato will first help you release tightness and tension in your back by guiding you through classic stretches like cat and cow. Next, she’ll show you how to do a quick, equipment-free flow that works to stabilize the spine and strengthen the muscles in your core that support it. (Hi, toned abs!) Watch the clip above for a yoga routine that not only reduces back pain but crafts long, lean muscle at the same time.