We love the Olympics! And what's not to love? Gorgeous people in skintight garb (well, depending on the sport; sometimes it's a swimsuit), twisting and contorting their bodies in the most amazing display of athletic prowess the planet can muster. Take that, universe!

So yes--dare we say it?--the Olympics are sexy. But even more, we hope, dream, and root for the athletes. We like to think that anyone who's ever crossed the finish line of a race, even the most humble 5K, or pushed themselves further than they ever thought they could, gets a tiny touch of what Olympic athletes must be feeling: I showed up, I pushed my body, and I conquered.

So more of that please. For us, and for them.

You can check out the opening ceremony on Friday and stay glued to the tube (or your tablet, computer, or phone for that matter) until it ends August 12. In the meantime, here are some videos to get you in the mood!