These bodyweight moves can be done without any props.


You don’t need a gym membership or a home gym to stay in shape—not even a set of dumbbells. Don’t believe it? Autumn Calabrese is here to show you that your body weight is just as good as any piece of fitness gear when it comes to toning up and building strength. Take a look at the video above for five moves you can do anywhere, no props required.

Lunge Pulses + Forward Fold Jump

Start with your feet together, arms at your chest. Step one foot backward and bend both legs to 90-degree angles for a double lunge. Pulse in the lunge twice, then straighten both legs and bend over your front leg to touch the ground. From there, bend both legs again in a double lunge, then spring up in to a small jump. Repeat this move on both legs, six times on each side.

Hip Hinge Pulse + Jump

Begin in a squat position, legs bent slightly, knees hip-width apart, your arms pointed at the ground in front of you. Pulse into a squat three times, using the momentum from the third squat to launch into a small jump. Land your jump in a squat position and finish by coming to a full stand before repeating the exercise. Repeat this move six times.

Inchworm to Up-Downs

Begin in a standing position. From there, hinge at your hips, bringing arms down to the ground. Crawl your arms forward into a plank position, then lower down from your hands to your forearms, starting on your right side. Lift back up onto your hands, and use your arms to crawl yourself back up to a standing position. Repeat this six times on each side.

Plank Twist + Rotations

Begin in a plank position, placing your hands below your shoulders while keeping your spine in one long line. Shift your weight to your right hand, and thread your left hand across your right side. Pulse your left arm on your right side three times, then raise it to ceiling as your shift your body into a side plank. Repeat this move six times on each side.

Plank to Bear

Begin in a plank position, placing your shoulders above your hands and your heels directly above your toes. Jump your feet forward so they’re directly behind your hands. Repeat this feet-jump move three times. On the third jump, raise to a standing position. Repeat this exercise six times.

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