These exercises are rooted in ballet, but also include dumbbells and planks.


Ballerina bodies may look lean, but they’re also super strong. Take it from Lauren Kleban, founder of the ballet-inspired fitness method LEKfit, based in Los Angeles. Kleban’s workouts are rooted in the classic dance form, but also include props like light dumbbells and exercises like planks to turn up the burn and really get you sweating.

In this video, Kleban takes you through a 15-minute upper-body workout for strong and sculpted arms. You’ll start with a warm up that teaches you how to use your arms like a dancer. Pro tip: Keep your elbows rounded and lifted and your shoulders press down and away from your ears. Maintaining this form as you raise and lower your arms during your warmup will not only help you look super graceful but also improve your posture. Just what you need after staying hunched over electronics all day long!

Once you’re warmed up, Kleban will reveal some of her favorite exercises for toning the tough-to-target triceps. You’ll be surprised how challenging small movements can feel without any extra weight.

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t add weights. Halfway through the workout, Kleban gives you the option to add light dumbbells to the routine for a little extra burn. If you don’t have three- or five-pound weights lying around, don’t worry. Full water bottles work just as well, says Kleban.

Ready to get yourself a strong and sexy dancer bod? Watch the video above to see how easily you can transform your upper body in just 15 minutes. Added bonus: You may feel like you’re fulfilling your childhood dream of becoming a ballerina while you’re doing it. Happy sweating!