You’ll be amazed by how much better these moves will feel.

Updated December 13, 2018

Everyone knows what it’s like to be in the middle of a workout and think, Hmm, something doesn’t feel quite right. Most of the time, your form is probably what’s throwing you off. If your body isn’t aligned properly, the move you’re doing can become easier or harder than it’s supposed to be—and if you’re not careful, you could even injure yourself. Fitness influencer Anna Victoria is here to show you how to fix your form for three popular total-body moves.

Bent-over row

The golden rule when it comes to this move is to never hunch your back. Instead, think about lengthening the spine from the crown to the tailbone.

Jump squat

Again, avoid hunching your back at all costs. Roll your shoulders down and back, and bring your chest forward. Also, make sure you’re looking up, not down at the floor.

Forearm plank

When in a forearm plank, your hips should be in line with your shoulders, which means you’ll have to raise your hips so they’re not too close to the floor. Your core should also be engaged at all times.

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