There is a wrong way to curl.


You know those exercises that feel so familiar, you barely have to think about your form? You’ve done the move so many times your body is practically operating on autopilot. The trouble is, many of us are doing those go-to toners slightly wrong. And even a seemingly minor mistake in your form can keep you from reaping all the strength-building benefits of your hard work—or worse, cause an injury.

Lucky for us, fitness influencer Anna Victoria is here to help! In the video above, the Body Love App founder breaks down three popular exercises: hip bridges, bicycle crunches, and bicep curls. With side-by-side clips, Victoria demonstrates the wrong and right way to do each move. Use the tweaks she suggests to get the absolute most out of your sweat sesh.

Here are her tips:

Hip bridges

Try tilting your pelvis in toward your rib cage while keeping your back as straight as possible.

Bicycle crunches

Perfect your form by flaring your arms out, and leading with your shoulder instead of your elbow.

Bicep curls

If you’re not doing this already, make sure your elbows are tucked into your waist.