Anna Kaiser Shows How to Safely Work Out with Your Baby

Anna Kaiser is here to show you how to squeeze in a workout when you're on baby duty.

When you give birth to a baby, your whole world — and physical center of gravity — literally shifts. If you’re a first-time mom, gone are the days when you can just pick up and go on an unexpected weekend getaway or attend your favorite group class randomly after work. If you’re adding to your brood, you’re in for double, triple or even quadruple the trouble — and fun! Getting back into a the gym or reestablishing a fitness routine is probably the last thing on your priority list, even if it’s on your mind. That’s why Anna Kaiser, the owner of AKT in Motion and the trainer behind the bodies of Kelly Ripa and Shakira, created this full-body workout with the best piece of equipment you’ll ever ever: your baby. “He or she is a portable weight,” Kaiser, a new mom herself, says. “You don’t have to buy or use anything else!"

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From baby burpees to baby deadlifts, tube walking and inner-thigh work, this effective routine is sure to be fun for you and your baby. So put on some of your favorite tunes and get ready to get sweaty with the best (and cutest) workout buddy you’ll ever have.

But Kaiser cautions, make sure you have your doctor’s approval before returning to working out and don’t be afraid to take it slow and go at your own pace. “Your mind believes that you’re stronger than you are,” she says. “Every woman is different and you should focus on what’s realistic for your body."

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"Try to start with a few of the exercises when your baby is little. As he or she gets bigger, your body will be ready for the increased challenge.”

TIP: For the baby deadlifts, make sure your knees are slightly bent.

Perform this routine, which should take approximately 15-20 minutes, at least 3x per week.

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