Grab your headphones, cue your favorite playlist, and get ready for a speedy 30-minute sweat sesh.


The elliptical often gets a bad rap as the “lazy” machine—and understandably so. It's way too easy to hop on and mindlessly move your arms and legs without even breaking a sweat. However, it's one of the few exercise machines that works your entire body (arms, legs, and core) with little impact on your joints. If you commit to a challenging routine that incorporates incline and resistance, the elliptical can actually be a killer cardio workout.

Still, the common complaint remains: "It's super boring." I can't say I disagree. Which is why I came up with this elliptical workout that’s actually fun.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try! Follow the instructions below, pedaling forward and backward based on the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale, which runs from 1 (barely moving) to 10 (how you feel during an all out sprint).

Grab your headphones, cue a favorite playlist, and get ready for a speedy 30-minute sweat sesh!


Since most songs are around two and a half minutes to three and a half minutes long, you should be able to get through about eight to 10 songs before you even realize it. When you reach 30 minutes, slow down to an RPE of 5 for 1 minute, and then an RPE of 3 for 1 more minute before stretching.

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