You might think your gym is awesome, but it's nothing compared to the insanity of what some universities boast these days.
Credit: Courtesy Auburn University

You might think your gym is awesome—it offers pretty much every class you'd ever want to take, and heck, maybe there's even a lap pool or tennis courts. But that's nothing compared to the insanity of what some university gyms boast these days.

Most impressively—at least according to this runner—is Auburn University’s 1/3 of a mile “corkscrew” indoor track that weaves through the entire gym, including around the enormous rock climbing wall. (Most indoor tracks are a measly 1/8 of a mile.) The $52 million facility, which opened last August, also has a 45-person paw-shaped hot tub, Fast Company reports.

Not to be outdone by its Southeastern Conference rival, Louisiana State University is building a tiger-striped track of the same length AND a lazy river that, but of course, spells out "LSU."

At one point, Utah State University wanted to make the walls of its gym skateboard-friendly, but they decided on a more “modest” skate park instead.

Whether you think these gyms are over the top or freaking awesome, you know you want to check out the pictures on Fast Company.

Leslie Barrie is a Staff Writer at Health.