You’ll have a blast while burning all the calories.

Updated January 19, 2019

Dance is one of those cardio workouts that helps to tone your entire body while building your endurance and stamina. Not only will moving to music have you breaking a sweat, but dance can also make the muscles in your body stand at full attention without you even realizing that you’re exercising. You’ll be having a blast grooving in class and won’t notice all the calories you’re burning!

In the video above, celebrity fitness instructor and founder of AK! Dance Workout Amanda Kloots guides us through a high-energy dance workout that you can do at home. It takes less than 10 minutes. Starting with small hops to get your heart rate up, Kloots transitions to heart-pounding jumping jacks, moves that will engage your abs, and sexy hip circles that make you feel as good as you look.

The point is not to be the best or most coordinated dancer on the floor, but to have the most fun while squeezing in a workout.

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