At 30, the track-and-field superstar has already earned six Olympic medals, including four golds.

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Here's how Allyson Felix is prepping for Rio—and what she wishes for the sport she loves.

On pushing herself

"Pushing my limits means constantly challenging myself and doing more than I even think is possible. One specific thing is running longer distances. It doesn't come easy for me at all."

On listening to her body

"[In 2013] I tore my hamstring at the World Championships. That was a huge wake-up call for me—saying, 'OK, let me not work out today, let me go get a massage, let me go take an ice bath, and then get back to it.'"

On winning a gold metal

"[It] feels likeheaven on earth. That gold medal represented all the hardship along the way. It was amazing and a bit of a relief, too."

On the best advice she's ever received

"To embrace the journey. It's a process, and you're building toward something."

On her nicknames

"Shug, like 'sugar.' That's my family nickname. They say I'm sweet. The other one was Chicken Leg—a high school name that I could never get away from because of my skinny legs."

On the one change she'd like to see in her sport

"Catching more drug cheats. It's an uphill battle. The way I would fight it is by bringing positivity to the sport and by being active with kids who are coming up and letting them know that you need to have integrity in what you do."

On her medals

"I keep [them] at my parents' house. I've never been really huge into displaying things like that, and they really take joy and so much pride in them. I think they like bragging when people come over!"

On her heroes

"My parents. They're such hard workers. And Jackie Joyner-Kersee is a hero to me and a mentor. She was a phenomenal athlete, but the way she has given back to her community is inspirational."

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