Run along with 2009 Grammy Award–winning singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette as she prepares for her first race.

On October 11, Alanis will run the Bizz Johnson Marathon in Susanville, Calif., to raise money for the National Eating Disorders Association. Eating disorders are of special concern to Alanis, who has said that there were times in her life when she had an unhealthy relationship with food. Since 2008, Alanis has embraced a healthy lifestyle focused on nutrient awareness and finding other forms of comfort outside of food.

“Training for this marathon has allowed me to view food as delicious fuel/medicine, as well as exercise as an incredible practice of self-care and attunement,” she says. Here, she blogs about what shes learning about running—and herself—in preparation for the race.

And Im first marathon is today!
By Alanis Morissette

The big day is here! I can hardly believe how much care and time and effort has gone into being prepared for this marathon for the National Eating Disorders Association. We (my friend Leah and my brother Wade) have turned this hard-core training into a practice of sort...spiritual, serviceful, and (sometimes!) outright masochistic and adventurous! It's been an incredible journey—one that has uplifted and anchored me, and filled me with great empowerment and buoyancy (those endorphins!).

So excited!

xx Alanis