Sculpt Society's Megan Roup leads a 10-minute full-body workout.

It’s tough to recreate a boutique fitness class in your living room. Without brand new equipment and a swanky setting, motivating yourself to push harder, faster, and stronger is no easy task. Luckily, A-list trainer Megan Roup knows that—and she has a solution. Roup is the creator of the ultra-buzzy New York City class The Sculpt Society, a calorie-torching dance cardio workout that works every muscle group in the body for a head-to-toe toning session.

Because we can’t all make it to The Sculpt Society (*sob*), we asked Roup to bring her talent to our studios so you can get your sweat on at home. In this video, the trainer guides you through a full-body workout that targets the abs and glutes in just 10 minutes.

The quickie routine is made extra hard thanks to Roup’s favorite fitness prop: sliders. Sliders are circular disks that swiftly sweep along the floor. When you place them under your feet or hands, they help to challenge your balance and turn up your burn even more. Don’t have sliders? No problem. Simply place a small towel below your feet or hands for the same strengthening results.

Ready to go? Follow along as Roup shows you exactly how to add sliders to classic exercises like curtsy squats, lunges, skaters, and planks. The result is a shake-inducing workout that feels like a cross between Pilates and strength training—and leaves you feeling extra long and lean.