Baby, it’s cold outside... but we’ve got upbeat holiday songs that are sure to warm you up.

By Carolyn Cakir
December 08, 2014
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Baby, it’s cold outside... but we’ve got the upbeat holiday songs that are sure to warm you up. We picked out some retro favorites, pops covers, and new hits all written about the most wonderful time of the year. This Christmas workout playlist will motivate you to get moving with holiday spirit.

You might not have as much time for your regular workout routine this December, but fitting a little activity into busy days can help prevent winter weight gain from sneaking up on you. Blast these festive tunes for some extra seasonal oomph while sweating it out at the gym, weaving around the crowd of Christmas shoppers, walking outside (perhaps in a winter wonderland), or just dancing around your kitchen—singing into a spatula, optional.

Happy Holidays!

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