"He picked the wrong house to break into."

Bad guys, take note: Here’s even more proof you need to be careful who you mess with—and it comes in the form of an 82-year-old bodybuilder.

Willie Murphy, a grandmother who lives in Rochester, New York, recently found herself in danger when an intruder broke into her home. However, instead of leaving with jewelry and money, the criminal left in handcuffs— and with injuries—because he happened to break into the home of an award-winning former bodybuilder.

According to Murphy, she was getting ready for bed Thursday night, after 11 p.m., when she heard a man pounding on her door. “He was outside and saying, ‘Please call an ambulance,’ saying, ‘I’m sick, I’m sick,’” she told WHAM-TV.

She called the police, refusing to let him inside. Apparently, he got angry and forced his way into her home. “I hear a loud noise,” she said. “I’m thinking, 'What the heck was that? The young man is in my home. He broke the door.”

Instead of allowing herself to be the victim of a crime, Murphy, who works out at the local YMCA almost every day and can lift 225 pounds, fought back.

Because it was dark, she was able to hide while the intruder walked around the house. She grabbed the closest thing she could find—a table— and started attacking him. Once the table broke, she started whacking him with the metal legs.

“It's kind of semi-dark and I'm alone, and I'm old,” she said, explaining the situation. “But guess what, I'm tough; he picked the wrong house to break into.”

Murphy didn’t stop there. Once he was injured, she ran and grabbed a bottle of shampoo, pouring the entire bottle on him. Then, she finished him off with a broom.

When the officers arrived, the man could barely move, and was sent to the hospital. Murphy believes he was “relieved” to be on his way.

The first responders were quite impressed with her self-defense skills— and rightfully so. “The officers that came wanted to go on my front porch and take selfies with me,” she said.

Murphy, who is not pressing charges, hopes that her story inspires people of all ages.

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