By Danny Deza
Updated December 08, 2016

Getty Images

We watched women's Olympic volleyball last night and were wowed by team USA, which has been delivering tough competition to anyone standing in their way.

With the semifinal victory last night against South Korea, this amazing team will play Brazil tomorrow for the gold.

And front and center is Destinee Hooker. You can’t miss her. She is tall (over 6'3"!), stylish, and spikes with the strength of a thousand suns. And with a name like that, who can forget her?

But if you're thinking of snickering, Destinee Hooker already doesn’t care what you think about her name. In fact, she is quite proud of it.

"When it comes to my name, I honestly find nothing wrong with it. I love my name," she tells TMZ. "I have been dealing with it since I was a child. People can be childish."

The 24-year-old native Texan nearly died at birth and when she survived, her father former San Antonio Spur player Ricky Hooker decided to name her Destinee.

"Since I was a blessing, [my father] spelled it uniquely. So I am thankful to be here and glad my Dad gave me the name,” she says.

Want to see her in action? Check out this video of Destinee Hooker giving it to Japan in 2010. Good luck team USA!