We've all been there--you sleep through your alarm clock, and panic. It could be worse. Two Olympians almost missed their shot at the gold after oversleeping on the morning of their events.


We’ve all been there. You go straight from slumber to sheer panic as you suddenly realize you’ve slept through your alarm clock. For mere mortals, it generally means you're late to class or work.

For two Olympians, it was nearly a disaster of epic proportions: They almost missed their shot at the gold after snoozing through their alarms clocks on the morning of their events.

British weightlifter Jack Oliver, 21, told Reuters on Wednesday that he had planned to get up at 6 a.m. but slept in an extra hour.

"At five past seven I hear a banging on the door, looked at my phone and thought 'I'm in trouble! I'm going to have a very angry coach!'" he reportedly said.

Luckily he got dressed in 30 seconds and managed to get to the ExCel arena just in time for his weigh-in, where he went on to perform his personal best.

For Australian shooter Alethea Sedgman, her Olympic debut started in a panic when she overslept and only had 10 minutes to make her bus out of the athlete's village on Saturday.

After hitting the snooze button for an extra five minutes, Sedgman was woken up by her roommate Lauryn Mark an hour and ten minutes later.

"'I just went run, run, run ... I slept straight through my alarm. I've never done that before, I'm an idiot," she told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I wanted to shoot a PB and I didn't, but I'm pretty satisfied. I could have let the nerves get to me but I didn't.”

The 18 year-old was only 10-points shy from competing in the gold-medal final at the Royal Artillery Barracks.

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