A good trainer can make all the difference, but that doesn't mean your relationship is meant to last forever.

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Every fitness journey has its ups and downs. You might rock your routine for weeks, and then suddenly run out of motivation, or stop seeing results. This is where a good personal trainer can make all the difference, by keeping you accountable, and encouraging you to push your limits.

But that doesn't mean your client-coach relationship is destined to last forever. For a variety of reasons, there may come a point when you're better off breaking up. Here are six signs it's time to find a new trainer or forge ahead on your own.

Your workouts aren’t progressing

When you hit a plateau, it's your trainer's job to rethink your workout so you are challenging your body in new ways. If she has you busting out the same number of reps with the same sets of weights week after week, that's a clear sign the sessions aren't worth your money or your time.

Your trainer keeps looking at his phone

He should be checking your form, not his social media. In fact, he shouldn't even have his phone on hand during session, unless he's using it to track your workouts.Â

You don't feel heard

If you've told your trainer more than once that squats bother your knees, and she hasn't made any suggestions to address the issue, that's not okay. Trainers are supposed to tailor your workouts to your individual needs. They aren't called personal trainers for nothing!

The enthusiasm has fizzled

Maybe when you started working together, your trainer seemed super excited to help you reach your goals. But recently, it's as if he's just showing up. If you don't feel that he's invested in your fitness success, it's time to cut him loose. Your trainer is there to build you up, not bring you down.

Your sessions start late

Plain and simple: If your trainer is often behind schedule, or needs to reschedule, it’s time to move on. She is a professional. Reliability is a must.

You've got the tools to train on your own

The reason to break up with your trainer could be a positive one: If you've become more fit, confident, and motivated than when you started, congrats! This is the point you were hoping to reach. It may be time to spread your wings and go solo.

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