6 Races You'll Love!

Thinking about signing up for a race? Start with one of these six fun runs.

Love to run? Put your pace to the test by signing up for race. Most of these six races are held at multiple locations nationwide, so run, don't walk, to sign up!

And since we know you want to

ace that race, check out our running guide, complete with training plans for a 5K, 10K, or half marathon.

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The Fit Foodie 5K Run

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Kick-start your holiday season with three days of exciting activities at the Fit Foodie Race in San Diego on November 22-24.

Sponsored by Health and Cooking Light, the event includes a 5K run, a Finisher's Village featuring live demos, wine tastings, and the Citi Refuel Station, culinary classes, giveaways, and more.

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Electric Run 5K


Best atmosphere


Electric Run 5K has a nighttime start and a course decked out in neon lights.

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Run Like a Diva

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Best girl power

Racers in the

Run Like a Diva half marathons and 5Ks get boas, tiaras and flowers.

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Nike Women's Half Marathon


Best finish

At the

Nike Women's Half Marathon finishers get a custom-made Tiffany necklace handed to them by a hot firefighter.

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Esprit de She


Best after-party

The 5K and 10K Athleta

Esprit de She runs end with a free massage—and a bubbly bar, to boot.

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Rock 'n' Roll Race


Best music


Rock 'n' Roll race—10K through marathon—has bands and DJs at every mile.

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