These 5 Instagram accounts will inspire you and get you moving!


Feeling blah about your workout today? Maybe thinking about skipping it all together? Well, don't throw in the towel just yet. Instead look to your Instagram feed to fire up your fitness motivation. These 5 Instagram accounts will inspire you and get you moving so you don't miss your sweat session!

FitFluential is a nationwide network of influential fitness enthusiasts who share their passion for health and wellness both online and offline. Throughout the day, Fitfluential shares fitness-inspired images—anything and everything from ambassador workouts and new workout gear to motivational quotes and giveaway opportunities.

I'm sure you've heard "strong is the new skinny" before. Well, Christmas Abbott takes this saying to a whole new level. Seeing photos of her ripped, tattooed body on a regular basis will definitely motivate you to get your butt in gear! Her Instagram feed will also probably make you want to try CrossFit. (Fun fact: She's also a NASCAR pit crew member.)

Well+Good covers all things related to fitness and wellness, including new workouts, healthy food hot spots, natural beauty, and more. The variety in the photos will keep you engaged, interested, and wanting to try the next new health trend.

Jeremy Scott is a fitness model, Reebok athlete, and creator of Jeremy Scott Fitness as well as the co-creator of His Instagram feed shows his daily dedication to his fitness goals, but he also demonstrates how they're attainable and realistic for others, too. Basically, he's a real guy, but super duper fit and a constant inspiration to his followers.

The Chicks of CrossFit Instagram feed is all about strength and beauty. Posting daily photos of muscular and fit women, this Instagram feed will inspire your inner athlete and likely motivate you to start lifting some weights at the gym!

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