The uniforms of a women's cycling team from Colombia caused a stir this week. Here is some more outrageous athletic gear.
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Remember Florence Griffin Joyner (a.k.a Flo Jo)? Back in the 80s, the Olympic Gold medalist on the track often made headlines for her one-legged running outfits (and those talon-like nails!) just as much as her record-breaking running skills.

Well, as the saying goes, “what was once old is now new again.” Several athletes have taken a page from Flo Jo’s running journal, and are letting their outrageous gear share in the spotlight. Others, like a women's cycling team from Colombia, had no choice in the matter: their team uniforms caused a stir this week.

Here a few outfits that have caught our eye.

The Originator: Florence Griffith Joyner

With 5 Olympic medals—three gold and two silver— Flo Jo was a sprinting legend. Here she is at the 1988 Olympic Trials.

Second Skin: Colombian Women’s Cycling Team

No, these ladies on team Ultimo Kilometro aren’t naked below the belt, but their nude-colored uniforms from a race last week sure did make us do a double take.

Print Maven: Maggie Vessey

Apparently this middle-distance runner prefers colorblocking over the traditional sports bra and brief combo. Runner's World reports that Vessey is shopping for an apparel sponsor and is indulging her passion for style in the meantime.

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Pink Panther: Serena Williams
The 18-time Grand Slam titleist whipped out this statement-making cat suit for practice in 2011.

Brief Encounter: Ryan Lotche

At a 2013 meet, this Olympic Gold medalist had us seeing (little purple) stars along with a flashy swim cap bearing his catchphrase, "Jeah."

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