Being on the road makes it a lot more difficult to stick with your healthy habits. Packing these 5 things can help.
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When I travel, staying active is an important part of my day, but, not surprisingly, being on the road makes it a lot more difficult to stick with my healthy habits. Jam-packed agendas and long days have me going non-stop from early morning to late at night, so it's often challenging to exercise. I try to stay at hotels that support my fit habits, like ones that have 24-hour gyms or provide exercise equipment to use in my room, but it's not always possible, so I make sure that my workouts happen by always packing certain items to encourage me to get my sweat on!

My favorite workout outfit

Packing my favorite workout outfit and shoes always motivates me to get moving. If I look forward to getting into my exercise gear, I am much more likely to fit in a sweat session. Sometimes I actually think putting on my workout clothes is half the battle. I mean, once I'm wearing it, I might as well go exercise!

My smartphone (and charger and armband)

Obviously I wouldn't travel without my phone, but it's one of my go-to pieces of exercise equipment when I am on the road. I use the stopwatch for interval workouts as well as all sorts of apps, including ones that track the time and distance of my outdoor runs and ones that count the seconds of my Tabata-style workouts. Between the timer and plethora of fitness-focused apps, I always have something to motivate me to squeeze in a sweat session. If you listen to workout playlists, don't forget your armband and headphones, either.

A resistance band

A resistance band is an awesome, travel-friendly piece of equipment because it takes up practically no room in my luggage, and I can use it just about anywhere, even if there's not a lot of space, like in my hotel room, for instance. I love that a little resistance band can help me tone my entire body--from my arms to my legs and everything in between.

A reusable water bottle

One of my healthiest habits is drinking water throughout the day, which keeps me hydrated and helps to control cravings between meals. When I travel, I save money (and natural resources) by packing a reusable water bottle that I can refill as many times as I want. Plus, having a fresh bottle of water on me at all times encourages me to drink up and stay health-minded during my travels.

Protein-packed snacks

I typically don't have a lot of time to exercise when I travel, so I take advantage of high-intensity, CrossFit-style workouts that really challenge my body. The workouts are usually less than 20 minutes, but I still find that I need a quick bite to eat to help with recovery, so I always pack a travel-friendly snack, such as a serving of protein powder or a Perfect Food Bar. Getting some quality calories into my system immediately after a workout helps reduce muscle soreness and gives me energy for the rest of my day.

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