Last winter, I did something amazing: I took a me-vacation! As in, I took a week off work, said goodbye to my husband, even ditched my kids. I grabbed a girlfriend and we took off on a fitness adventure.

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Last winter, I did something amazing: I took a me-vacation! As in, I took a week off work, said goodbye to my husband, even ditched my kids. I grabbed a girlfriend and we took off on a fitness adventure. Our choice vacation was a week in the mountains, upping our game on the ski slope (see Elevate Women’s Ski Camp, below). But it really didn’t matter what we were doing…it just mattered that we did it. Why? Because far too often, as women, we take time for everything but ourselves. We work hard, we do things for our kids, our husband, even our kids’ schools or our favorite charity. But the idea of getting away from it all to reconnect with our bodies and minds is almost foreign. The result of my trip was extraordinary. I came home feeling energized, focused, and more engaged in my life. Considering your own me-cation? Check out these adventures, all for women, that could change your life:

For the adventure junkie...

This week-long women's ski camp gives you the ultimate sense of adventure and empowerment, pushing you do things you wouldn’t otherwise accomplish on the mountain. First, you get teamed up in groups of 5-7 like-skiers to work with your own instructor, as well as world famous pros (like the amazing Jess McMillan) for individualized instruction.  You blow past limits, ski all types of terrain, and get filmed on the runs so that you can benefit from expert analysis.  Whatever level skier you are going in, you will improve by at least a category by the end of the week. And because this is “camp,” the session ends with a hilarious awards banquet filled with ski videos from the week, and roasts of the “counselors” (aka the ski coaches).  Great lodging available at Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa and Hotel Terra.

Price: from $1325 for camp only

For people who want to "check out"...

Nestled in the mountains of San Marcos, California, this is where you come to unplug and get in touch with you. It's an intimate 7-day retreat designed for women (there are a few men-only and co-ed weeks sprinkled  throughout the year).  You design your own program, which can be as fitness-focused or relaxing as you wish. Choose from 7 state-of-the-art gyms, 12 mountain or meadow hikes, 2 pools, mediation classes, cardio and strength classes, yoga, pilates, and world-class spa offerings. All treatments, private accommodations, food (clean, sustainable, and delicious), and fitness are included in the price. Just don’t keep your iPhone on you. Although the rooms have wi-fi, the idea is to check out—so cell phones are off-limits in common areas. But don’t worry, you will be too busy bonding and getting balanced to miss your Twitter feed.

Price: from $8850 inclusive for 7 days

For the sporty beach bum...

It’s no surprise that these surf and yoga retreats draw inspiration from the Costa Rican phrase “pura vida”—which loosely translates to “enjoy life”—because that is what anyone who visits this gorgeous getaway for a week does. Come alone or bring a friend to be part of a like-minded community of only ten women for 7 days and six nights. While Pura Vida, in the village of Malpais, alternates between surfing-focused and yoga-centric weeks, it’s their surf camps that are truly signature. The instruction is hands on—for beginners through advanced surfers—and the instructors interact with the ‘campers’ beyond just lesson time. The price includes 6 nights of lodging (with either private or shared rooms and bathrooms), daily surf instruction, sunset surf sessions, daily yoga, three gourmet meals a day, a massage, surf equipment, and day trips. Barefoot paradise, found.

Price: from $2250 and up

For anyone who wants to get "Wild"...

Inspired by the Cheryl Strayed memoir, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail ($9.48, and the upcoming Reese Witherspoon movie Wild, the Wild About Mount Hood package lets you have your own transformative journey through a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. That means you hike the trail near Mount Hood in central Oregon with a guide—and stay in the resort where the film's cast bunked while making the movie. Not uber-fit? No worries! The Nature Concierge will help you create an outing that fits your fitness level. But it’s not all work: The trip also includes goodies like a Swedish massage for two, two signature cocktails, and the knowledge that you're helping to preserve the trail (10% of the package price will be donated to the Pacific Crest Trail Association).

Price: $279 per night for the all-inclusive package (enter promo code Wild)

For the fitness lover with a flair for the exotic...

These luxury fitness trips are like a traveling global spa, transporting you to exotic locations around the world and offering luxe accommodations, top-notch fitness classes, and a taste of another culture all at once. Pick from dozens of amazing trips; locations change throughout the year and have ranged from Laos to Mexico, Japan to Indonesia. The cuisine, fitness regimes, accommodations and spa treatments reflect the culture of the region you're in. Think African dance lessons in Cape Town, South Africa; horseback riding through vineyards in Colonia, Uruguay; yoga in Bali. It’s the perfect combination of work out, culture, amazing food, and downtime. Next adventure up? Luang Prabang, Laos and Angkor Wat, Cambodia in February 2015! All you have to do is sign up, and get ready for a serious adventure.

Price: From $3800 and up per week, depending on the location