Yoga connects you to your breathing, improves flexibility and strength, and tones your pelvic floor muscles—all of which can help you in the bedroom. Try these 4 poses for a better romp.
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Eagle Pose
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Yoga does wonders for your sex life. It helps you stay focused, connects you to your breathing, improves flexibility and strength, and tones your pelvic floor muscles—all of which can help you in the bedroom. Staying in the moment when you're getting busy keeps you from thinking about your to-do list and helps you focus on being more sensual. Yoga also helps you harness your energy and sexual prowess.

In yoga, you learn not to tense your muscles during intense moments, which is a huge bonus when you're having sex. Being able to get in to positions easier and hold them longer is also a big plus. When you practice yoga, you're reminded to engage your pelvic floor muscles, which helps engage the transverse abdominus in your core while holding postures. Stronger pelvic floor muscles lead to deeper, more intense orgasms and more control over your body.

Try these 4 yoga poses to get more out of your romp!

Eagle Pose

Eagle pose is a great way to strengthen your inner thighs, engage your pelvic floor for balance, and get focused. Bend your knees and cross your left thigh over your right thigh, high at the top of the thigh. If you can, double cross your left foot behind your right calf (otherwise leave it dangling or place the toes on the floor). Cross your right arm under your left arm and double cross at the wrists pressing the hands together if you can. Scoop in your lower abs, sit deeper into your right leg and fold your torso forward. Hold for 5 to 8 breaths. Squeeze your inner thighs tight and engage your buttocks, pelvic floor, and lower abs. Unwind and repeat on the opposite side.


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Squats are great for strengthening the legs, hips, buttocks, and core. They also help you get into different sex positions more easily by loosening up the hips, back, and inner thighs. Start with your feet wider than hip-width apart, bend your knees and lower down in to a deep sumo squat. Place your elbows on your inner thighs and press your hands together at your chest as if in prayer. If your heels are off the floor, you may want to put a rolled up towel or yoga blanket underneath them.

Pigeon Pose


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Pigeon pose is an awesome way to open up your hips and encourage blood flow to the pelvis and pelvic floor. You'll feel sexy when you open up your chest in the first part of this pose, and as you fold forward, you open up even deeper in the outer hip region and lower back. Bring your right shin parallel to the front of the mat as you lengthen your left leg behind you. Lift your chest and take a few breaths, then lower your upper body to the floor and rest your head on the mat if you can. Hold here another 5 breaths then repeat on the other side.

Camel Pose

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This is the ultimate sexy pose—throwing your head back and arching your upper back gives you mega confidence and sex appeal. When your chest is open you can breathe more fully (we often hold our breath during sex, but when you breathe deeper, you get your blood flowing and can stay more relaxed as you get closer to orgasm). Don’t be shy—open those shoulders! Start on your shins then lift up to a kneeling position. Place your hands on your lower back and lift your chest to the ceiling. If you're comfortable, reach back for your heels (you can tuck under your toes if you need to). Stay for 5 breaths then come up and notice how open and alive you feel. Repeat again one more time.

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