Challenged by a less-than lower half? Steal these failproof star-sculpting secrets.

By Tracy Anderson
August 31, 2015

It takes more than just healthy eating to change your lower body. That's because when we lose pounds, we tend to shed the weight from our face, arms and stomach, not our bottom and thighs. To get firm, lean legs and a lifted bum (think Jennifer Lopez), you need targeted exercises, like my sculptors in the graphic below. This move mix ensures that you're not making the mistake of overdeveloping your quads; if you do, your body will start to look out of balance.

Don't be fooled into thinking squats and lunges are all it takes to whip your lower half into top form. You need to engage the muscles above the waist, too. These exercises tackle those tough-to-reach muscles that suck in your stomach, boost your backside, and sculpt your thighs. Go through the series six times a week, adding in 30 to 60 minutes of cardio, to start seeing a difference this month.

For maximum toning, do all the moves on one side first, then repeat on the other.