3 Ab-Sculpting Moves Inspired by Our Favorite Golden Globe Looks

Last night's Golden Globes Red Carpet was all about insanely toned midsections.

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Talk about #absgoals. Last night's Golden Globes red carpet was a celebration of toned midsections, thanks to tummy-baring gowns rocked by stars like Jennifer Lawrence (who won Best Actress in a Comedy), Brie Larson (Best Actress in a Drama), and Kate Hudson.

Larson and Lawrence went with daring cutout ensembles, while Hudson opted to show off her entire midsection in a slamming two-piece dress. Their sculpting secrets? Power ab moves like these:

Single-arm squat and row

According to Patrick Murphy, J. Law's trainer during her Hunger Games prep, she focuses on double-duty compound moves. One Murphy suggests: the single-arm squat and row, which burns fat all-over by recruiting large muscle groups in your legs, while the twisting motion targets the core.


How to do it: Attach a resistance tube or band to a stationary object in front of you. Hold on to the handle with your right hand, right elbow bent by your side, left hand on your waist. Step back until the tube feels taut. Squat, pushing your hips behind you, until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor, keeping your shoulders down and right arm extended (A). As you stand, pull your right elbow back and rotate your torso slightly to the right (B). Return to "A."

Do 3 sets of 20 reps per side, taking a 30-second rest interval between each set.


The windmill works your entire core but is especially helpful for whittling your waist, so you can pull off a skin-tight number with side cut-outs, like Brie Larson did last night. Watch as Cassey Ho, founder of POP Pilates, demonstrates.

How to do it: Lay down flat on a mat. Spread arms straight out like a T, and press palms into the floor. Pull knees into chest then lengthen legs to the sky, with toes pointed. Swing legs to one side of your body, keeping both shoulders on the floor. Bring legs back up to the sky, and lower legs down to the other side. Do 10 taps, and repeat the move at least three times a week.

Trainer tip: Don't worry if you can't bring your legs all the way to the floor. As you get stronger, it will get easier. Bring them as far down as you can without lifting shoulders or feeling any weirdness in your lower back.

Criss cross

Kate Hudson never ceases to amaze us with her six-pack—let's just say this is not her first foray into crop tops. One of her secrets? The Criss Cross, another killer oblique move, according to her trainer Nicole Stuart.


How to do it: Lying face-up, pull knees into stomach. Place hands behind head and bring elbows and knees to touch, or as close as possible (A). Bring left knee to right elbow, pressing both together as hard as you can, and extend right leg (B). Hold for 3 long counts, then return to "A" and hold. Repeat motion with right knee and left elbow while extending left leg. This is 1 rep.

Do 10 reps a day to see a flat, toned belly in as little as a month.

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