From "Do I look as awkward as that runner over there?" to "How do I drink water and run at the same time?"

By Priscilla Ward
May 28, 2015

Your alarm goes off at an ungodly hour and you realize, "Holy crap, it’s here! It's race day!" And that's just the first of the many thoughts I had when I toed the line at my very first race, the NYCRUNS Queens Half Marathon, just a few short weeks ago. I finished with a glowing sense of accomplishment to match my morning enthusiasm, but during the race? Well, here's what it was like.

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Mile 1

I could be sleeping in right now. Why did I sign up for this again? Oh, right.

Mile 2

Photo: Giphy

Whew, starting to get hot as the sun comes up. Full-length leggings maybe weren't the best idea.

Mile 3

Photo: Giphy

Here's a new skill I'm really bad at: Drinking water while running at the same time. Definitely didn't practice that enough.

Mile 4

Photo: Giphy

Oh no. NO. I have to go to the bathroom. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it… ahhh!

Mile 5

Photo: Giphy

This energy gel just gave me a magical boost! Maybe I actually can make it through the next 8.1 miles.

Mile 6

Photo: Giphy

That person has a super-weird run.

Mile 7

Photo: Giphy

My feet hurt. So do my legs. And my lungs.

Mile 8

Photo: Giphy

Seriously, where can I get pizza after this?

Mile 9

Photo: Giphy

My legs are on fire, and I'm probably going to need to be taken home on a stretcher.

Mile 10

Photo: Giphy

But I have to make it to the end, or else I won't get to take a finish-line selfie.

Mile 11

Photo: Giphy

Eff yes! Rihanna "Disturbia" is here to save me. Thank you, playlist.

Mile 12

Photo: Giphy

Wait, what? Where did this humongous hill come from? I thought the hard part was over.

Mile 13

Photo: Giphy

Just one little. bit. farther

Mile 13.1

Photo: Giphy

Whew, I made it!!!

Photo: Giphy

That wasn't even that hard.

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