From "Do I look as awkward as that runner over there?" to "How do I drink water and run at the same time?"

By Priscilla Ward
Updated May 28, 2015
Credit: Giphy

Your alarm goes off at an ungodly hour and you realize, "Holy crap, it’s here! It's race day!" And that's just the first of the many thoughts I had when I toed the line at my very first race, the NYCRUNS Queens Half Marathon, just a few short weeks ago. I finished with a glowing sense of accomplishment to match my morning enthusiasm, but during the race? Well, here's what it was like.

Mile 1

I could be sleeping in right now. Why did I sign up for this again? Oh, right.

Mile 2

Photo: Giphy

Whew, starting to get hot as the sun comes up. Full-length leggings maybe weren't the best idea.

Mile 3

Photo: Giphy

Here's a new skill I'm really bad at: Drinking water while running at the same time. Definitely didn't practice that enough.

Mile 4

Photo: Giphy

Oh no. NO. I have to go to the bathroom. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it… ahhh!

Mile 5

Photo: Giphy

This energy gel just gave me a magical boost! Maybe I actually can make it through the next 8.1 miles.

Mile 6

Photo: Giphy

That person has a super-weird run.

Mile 7

Photo: Giphy

My feet hurt. So do my legs. And my lungs.

Mile 8

Photo: Giphy

Seriously, where can I get pizza after this?

Mile 9

Photo: Giphy

My legs are on fire, and I'm probably going to need to be taken home on a stretcher.

Mile 10

Photo: Giphy

But I have to make it to the end, or else I won't get to take a finish-line selfie.

Mile 11

Photo: Giphy

Eff yes! Rihanna "Disturbia" is here to save me. Thank you, playlist.

Mile 12

Photo: Giphy

Wait, what? Where did this humongous hill come from? I thought the hard part was over.

Mile 13

Photo: Giphy

Just one little. bit. farther

Mile 13.1

Photo: Giphy

Whew, I made it!!!

Photo: Giphy

That wasn't even that hard.